Grivitz® Handles and Accessories

Grip it With Grivitz®

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Grip It With Grivitz®

Handles and Accessories for Steel Tumblers 

Fits Most 20oz and 30oz Tumblers 

Grip it With Grivitz®

Here's What Some People Had to Say:

"I love the handle for the 30 oz tumbler. I have small hands and the tumbler was hard for me to hold with one hand. The handle works perfect for me."

"It fits perfectly. This handle makes the Yeti ® tumbler very easy to use."

"Good sturdy and comfortable design and fits Perfect on RTIC ® 30oz Tumbler also."

"I ordered three of these handles. One for myself and one each for my parents. The handle fits snug around my Yeti ® 30 oz and I don't have to worry about it slipping off and it does not get in the way of being able to set my cup down in the cup holder of my car."

"A great addition to my wonderful Yeti ® tumbler!"